About us


To help organisations to achieve their objectives and obtain the maximum value from their projects through the empowerment of the human factor, the application of good practices and the alignment with their values and interests.


To achieve the recognition of being equivalent to success in the projects we manage.


Empathy and Respect

We strive to understand the motivation and needs of the organisation: why they need to undertake this project. We also do our utmost to give the team all the necessary support, assisting them with their motivations, requirements and difficulties.

Goal Oriented

We take on board the organisation’s objectives with the project, and we make them our own. Our clients’ success is our success.

Communication and Accountability

If all the people involved in the project are not on the same page, scope creep and dissatisfaction problems will arise. Having agile and up-to-date communication channels is critical to success. Similarly, the project management strategy must be defined from the outset so that the organisation knows what the project manager is doing at all times. 


Simplicity in processes is one of the main factors in keeping people engaged in the project. Our priority is to make it as easy as possible for the team to achieve the objective, and overcomplicating management processes beyond what is strictly necessary does not help.

Continuous Feedback and Agility

Managing a project is not only about achieving the desired objective. It is also about managing the expectations and needs of the people involved. It is crucial to analyse and understand these expectations firstly to generate enthusiasm and trust in the stakeholders. But this is not enough. Frequent, updated and accurate information on the status and intermediate goals achieved in the project helps to keep expectations realistic, correct any deviations from the objective, apply appropriate change processes in an agile way, and increase satisfaction with the final result.


Project management is not a static discipline. From the original waterfall model, through the different agile or hybrid flavours, there is a constant contribution of new strategies and technologies (Design Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, etc.). In a changing and unpredictable environment, it is essential to stay updated. The challenge is to balance flexibility and control while still assuring strategic alignment.

Meet the team

Alejandro Sánchez Meroño, PMP
Expert in Project Management and IT

Alejandro Sánchez Meroño, PMP

Telecommunications Engineer and PMP certified Project Manager with experience of twelve years in Project Management and twenty-four years touching every aspect of Information Technologies, in the technical, commercial, and managerial fields.

Completely focused on project success and team building. Alejandro has broad experience and an outstanding record of complex projects delivered end-to-end, building and leading multidisciplinary teams within a matrix environment, as well as managing expectations of high-level stakeholders.

Expert in Communication and Business

Sonia El Hakim López

Director of the Master's Degree in Nonverbal Communication and Management Skills at Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes (UEMC). Analyst, researcher, trainer and consultant in Nonverbal Behaviour, certified by the Criminal Profiling and Behavioral Analysis International Group. Sonia holds a Degree in Business Administration and two Master's Degrees in Nonverbal Behaviour. The only nonverbal behaviour analyst with a weekly section on TV.

Lecturer in different universities and institutions, like Spain's Police and Army. Pre-doctoral researcher in Scientific Marketing at Universidad de Valencia, working on her doctoral thesis on the influence of nonverbal behaviour on sales.

Sonia El Hakim

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